Contemporary Shows That Won’t Get the Emmy’s Costume Nod (But Should)

If you are Costume designer that doesn’t make costumes for “the heaving bosoms” and “swinging petticoats” variety, it may be hard to get recognized.

Period and Fantasy costumes get nominated every year for every major Award. have their fingers crossed for some of these contemporary shows. You can head there for their full wishlist.

Pictured above:

"Girls" - Costume Designer Jennifer Rogien

"Scandal" - Costume Designer Lyn Paolo

"Revenge" - Costume Designer Jill Ohannesson.

  1. dasducky said: Shit on the “heaving bosoms” and “swinging petticoats” all you want, at least those costume designers are something other than glorified shoppers. And bitch less because said shoppers get a lot more academy attention that people who work far harder
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